Monday, June 15, 2009

And Then I Told Him Superman Was Dead

The song "Rainbow Connection" plays and the singer pauses to converse with some over sized puppets about how we ALL can find the Rainbow Connection, not just him. The singer and the band reflectively tag the end of the song and continue to play when Nathan turns to me and dreamily says, "Mommy, will we EVER find the Rainbow Connection?"

I turn to him and reply................
"No Nathan, the Rainbow Connection is not a real place. Now go upstairs and get dressed."

Mommy: Keeper of Dreams and Encourager of Imagination


  1. Haha, I can just see him, slumped shoulders, walking up the stairs, this was the beginning of the darkest summer of his life...

  2. Rainbowphobic??? Not you-that would be my husband!!!

  3. Nothing like having your hopes dashed to start off a great summer day. How will he ever respect Kermit the Frog again?

  4. I like you. I am Marissa Mann's friend. I sometimes do cruel things to my child as well. Sometimes I just don't know when to run with the lies I was told or just tell the truth. You might like this...