Monday, June 29, 2009

How to Survive a Sleepover Without Really Trying

It was Belated Birthday Party Time for Nephew Nicholas this weekend. We picked out the cake he wanted: Strawberry cake with red icing ("So it will still look like a boy cake.") And the dinner menu was planned: quesadillas without beans (he doesn't like that I put refried beans in the flat burritos I often make and since it's his birthday, he called the shots) and a watermelon that Nick insisted we buy.

The fun started after Sunday Afternoon's nap with a movie of Nick's choosing and then we all trekked down to the pool for a swim. (This was key in the plan of success!)

It was quickly followed by dinner (picnic style) and cupcakes ("tup-takes" as Nick calls them) and the announcement that we would be SLEEPING DOWNSTAIRS!! There was much rejoicing. And then a photo shoot of epic proportion....

And from this photo shoot, an even MORE epic photo shoot commenced (how is that is even possible?!)

The evening ended with kids slowly and surely rolling over and falling asleep. We only had 2 wake ups in the middle of the night (not counting the one where Nate got up and woke up Daddy instead of me) and I was pleased to call the event a success when this morning Nick walked over to the computer to see the pictures and smiled at me when he said, "That was so much fun last night."



  1. This so reminds me of Lex and Nate's sleep over pics. AND, speaking of sleep overs!!! It's on!!! Let's talk dates!

    Love your 3 cuties in these pics.

  2. you are a brave woman!! Well done!

    also I loved your post about prayer. such a nice quote you shared.

  3. Have I mentioned what beautiful children your family produces??? Well done! :)

  4. wonderful memories!!!

  5. So very cute. I love that you created that night he will never forget.

  6. Love the pic of the three of them! So fun!