Monday, June 22, 2009

The Final Word.

I heard a wise speaker challenge a roomful of Christian women about their speaking habits. These are women. They TALK. (We do.) We "chat," we "catch up," we "share prayer requests," and we even out and out gossip. But for the things that are really tugging at our hearts-the things we need to lay at the feet of our Lord-she issued the following challenge:

Talk about your problems with GOD
than you talk about it with everyone else.

Say what?
Read it again. I'll wait.

This means EXACTLY what it says. There is no hidden meaning or way of "interpreting" it.
I could write pages and pages about how this can effect us every day in every word we say but for today, I am applying it to the Jon and Kate Gosselin issue.

I am neck deep in divorce. It surrounds me on both sides of the family and in the lives of some dear friends. It is an issue I will never hesitate to speak about from the perspective of a child of divorced parents. I couldn't even watch the Jon and Kate episode tonight talking about their decision to divorce, I just can't listen to it.

Instead, I am tonight choosing to talk about it less and pray about them more. I know I have spent over an hour of my life in the last 3 weeks discussing them when instead I could be lifting them up in prayer. Praying for their kids.

I am done. I am off to pray.
And that is my final word about that.


  1. Amen....

    I didn't watch either. Too sad and heartbreaking.

    Fame turns people into such selfish beings...

  2. Amen..before I go to sleep I usually talk to God hoping christian will continue spreading the word of god worldwide.

  3. Well spoken...convicting and so true.

  4. I totally agree with you. I just with that they would have showed them trying save their marriage and ultimately their family. Love Dare anyone?

  5. I totally knew who you were linking to. That has stuck with me over these years as well.

    I did watch last night...even though I almost always only catch the episodes on rerun. It was heartbreaking.

  6. AMEN!!! I don't watch the show, but I hurt for those kids. Thanks for inspiring me to pray for them as well.

  7. right on sister! it is sad what is happening to yet another couple, family. But we get the privilege to take it to our Father! and from there, who knows what will happen, all because we prayed (but really, because God is BIG and GOOD and loves His creation!) :)

  8. Thank you, Thany, again for challenging me to take the higher road... to pray more than talking to others about my problems and more than sharing my opinions about everyone else... I do pray for them... but not as much as I should.

  9. So sad about them! I think that quote definitely applies to them, too. I feel bad for everyone in that family -- it must be such a tough time.

    I like your blog, though! Thanks for stopping by mine! :)