Thursday, May 31, 2007

From the 8 East to the 60 East...See You Soon Friend!

Today I hit the road!

Carol and I are taking the Sequoia on the open road and making our way to see Liz in Arizona. We are leaving kids, hubbys, houses, laundry and dishes behind. But we will NOT be foregtting the Cheez-its, Diet Coke, iPod or lip gloss.

I should punctuate all of that with: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Somewhere in Utah Dooce is crying.) But that would just be a little too obnoxious, don't you think???????

The three of us haven't been together in over a year, probably two! And when Carol suggested the road trip, I was ALL IN!

You see, when the three of us get together, usually one (or all) of these things happen:

-We compile a $4.25 bill at Denny's over a 6 hour period.

-We are on stage, forgetting lines, making people and ourselves laugh.

-We have laughed so hard that I have had to take multiple hits off my inhaler (a sure sign I am having a good time)

-We end up looking like this.

or this

or this

Who knows, I might have even more pictures after this weekend!

And this is my last Anniversary Blog for this year. I welcome another year of blogging with a new banner and the hopes that you all will stick with me for another year of stories and adventures! (Even if it means moving to a new blog I come Susie!)

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