Sunday, September 24, 2006

Week of Joy

10 Things That Brought Me Joy This Week
(pictorial version)

This shirt.
$2.50 on clearance at Old Navy.
I want to go back and buy, like, 10 more. But I don't really need 10 brown shirts, do I? ..............Or DO I?????????

My Husband.
He put together this cute outfit for Lucy all himself.
Shoes and all!
Bonus points for braving the tidepools in Point Loma with both kids.


Yogurt with good friends!

Oh FINE Emmy, this picture.

Love the shirt.
Love the tights.
LOVE the boots.

(She has a cute denim skirt on too....honest.)

Time with Aunt Susannah (David's Sister.)
Nathan turns into a snuggly sweetie with her and I love it.
(Oh yeah, and Nathan took this picture of her.)

Grey's Anatomy was sooooooooooo good!!!

This photo.
David took it and it brings tears to my eyes.

And this week we have a tie for Number One.................

Attending the Padre game today and going from this....

TO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cried. I stood there in the middle of Petco Park crying for my sweet sweetie Trevor Hoffman and actually thanking God that I could see him accomplish something so amazing. I will be boring my future grandchildren with the story of today.


We went for Shari's Bachelorette Party on Saturday and it could have NOT been more fun, more perfect or more wonderful. I can't even try to describe it so I will hope that you can look at the faces of my friends and me and see what I wish I could say.


  1. Space Mountain pictures are the BEST! We have one framed. =^) You girls are all just so cute.

    Do you KNOW that Trevor guy?

    Old Navy bargains are so awesome. I'm STILL wearing a pair of pants that I think cost me a grand total of $2.00 five years ago in Montana. Craziness.

  2. Oh, and I almost forgot: I haven't even gotten to WATCH that show yet! It's sitting patiently on my TiVo, but Nate doesn't watch it, so I have to wait 'til he's gone to really enjoy it. But someone told me it wasn't very good at all, and now I'm scared to see if that's true or not! Agh!

  3. To know "that Trevor guy" is to love him. No, I don't know him personally but he and I go waaaaay back. Baseball (pitchers specifically) and I go way back and my love for "my guys" runs pretty deep. Last time I was head over heels like this, the Dodgers had won the World Series and Orel Hershiser was on the mound. :)

    As for Grey's Anatomy, WHO said it wasn't good?!?!? Give it a try. If you have questions, you call me. That's right, I said CALL me. And Nate shoud give it a try-David really likes it!

  4. I love that picture with the hand on the piano. It's beautiful.

  5. Absolutely, you need ten brown shirts. After all, you're a mama to toddlers.