Sunday, June 01, 2008

At the Beep

There is a watch downstairs under the couch or in a toy bin somewhere that has an alarm that goes off every night at 12:26am.

Oh listen, there it is now.


  1. We had one of those in our house for a long time... We decided to find the culprit and it was in the linen closet of all places...

    Strange, I think aliens were in my house...

  2. My question is this; why are you up every night to hear it???

  3. That is just enough to make a person lose their mind. Here is a story that is probably too long for a comment, but oh well. In our house (my parents), there was one such beep that the beeping thing was NOWHERE to be found. Finally we figured out that it was a smoke detector that was giving the warning signal of low batteries and it had been buried in the ceiling during a remodel of the house a year or two before. Someone ended up cutting a hole in the ceiling to get it out and shut it up. I think it beeped for several months before they finally cut the house up looking for it. The hole is still there :)

  4. well, I guess there are two perspectives. One- insanity. Or two- that little reminder, despite any circumstances, that all is right with the world. :)

  5. Deanne..hello, it's called a baby--Ella, remember?? haha...That's why I am up at all odd hours. Especially any noise you hear, wakes you up.

    We've had a toy that would just go off for no reason, in our room. I think it was saying 'Hey...I'm still here, someone play with me'. I remember putting it in the closet and hearing again a half hour later, so I had to put a bunch of clothes on it until morning.