Thursday, June 05, 2008

At Least 5,000 Words Worth

We had a photo shoot recently for my mom's husband and his daughter and new granddaughter. (Did you follow all that?) Wandered out to Old Poway Park-my new favorite place and we had a lot of fun. It helps when babies are extra specially cute and grown ups are especially good looking.

Well, we snuck in a few shots of my kiddos as well. Here are only a few...

Lucy Goose Plays on the Tracks...

Nathan is seriously owning his 5 Year Oldness these days...

And who said Grandchildren aren't hazardous to your health?

Well, looky there, I guess that was about 7,000 words.


  1. Adorable!!! They are great kids and terrific shots!

  2. Nathan is by far the most handsome 5 year old EVER!!! And that Lucy Goose..she is going to have the boys flocking to her.

  3. I love Old Poway Park for pictures. Oh wait- you knew that! I'm presently scheming how to take that place with me to OH.

  4. Those are great photos! I almost spit out my Diet Coke when I saw the last one! LOL

    Great Blog BTW!

  5. The last pics of Lucy and Nathan are great! I think you need to bring your camera to the park next Thursday (or the next time you join us at the park that is) :)

  6. I'm baaack! It's going to take me a while to catch though because there are several blogs I follow. I totally need to make up for my end of April and all of May blog readings. Not to mention my own blog postings (for crying out loud I haven't told anyone about my Italy experience,or shown pictures!)

    So don't fret my dear I am back to reading blogs and leaving comments since we all love those.

    The photos are lovely and I especially love the grand kid shot. I love to see your mom so happy!

  7. What a fun day-Lotsa grandbabies and sweet faces to kiss (except from now on I have to ask permission from Nate!!). Zab Photogs ROCK!!!