Friday, June 27, 2008

It Came Back On and I Still Had to Cook Dinner...Where's the Fun in That?!

It was a normal Wednesday evening. The Backyardigans were on with their catchy tunes infiltrating my brain. (Seriously, what is with those songs? WHY do I hear them in my sleep?) Suddenly: silence. The power was out. My first thought:

I will SO blog this!

Actually the first thing I did was say: "Oh my gosh! The power is out."

For some reason those words, coupled with the fact that their show had suddenly disappeared, sent Nathan and Lucy into some sort of FRENZY!

"Mommy, call Daddy and tell him to call the police!"

"We won't get to watch TV for a WHOLE WEEK!"

"I can't believe we ran out of power!"

I sent Nathan to see if the time was showing on any of the clocks upstairs. (Kinda because I wanted to feed into the frenzy. Since the TV was off, I had to amuse myself somehow.)

"Mommy. You won't believe it. The numbers on ALL of the clocks upstairs are GONE. Except Daddy's iPod clock. How did that HAPPEN?"

In the meantime, Ella sat on the couch examining the back of her hand. It was quite fascinating.

"Lucy!" Nathan calls out as he runs into the kitchen, "We can't get any water from the fridge!"
"Oh no! But it's OK Nathan..." Lucy replied, "...the DRAWERS STILL OPEN!"

I sent a text to Crayl and asked her to check the SDG&E website for details on the power outage. She gave me the basics and I passed the information on to Nathan.

"Nate, Carol said that almost 3,000 customers are out of power..."
"They must be starving, Mommy."


  1. Whew, that was a close one....glad to know that the drawers were unaffected!

    Too funny, I love it!

  2. They crack me up! I will make you all T-shirts
    "I survived the great Power outage 08"

  3. It's comments like these that, make up for that time when we want to strangle our kids! As for Ella, examining the back of her hand, this is about the age that both of my boys "found" their hand. ENJOY those little moments!