Sunday, June 29, 2008

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

We got a chance to go out on Lake San Vicente with our friend Tony and his kids. (He's also our pastor-but you can't really call him your pastor when he only has his swim trunks on.) Because of a few things beyond our control, we only got to cruise around the lake once but it was so much fun!

We will definately be doing it again...

How beautiful is that view? The weather was PERFECT for cruising.

Nathan is a complete pro.

I had NO idea a life vest could be SO CUTE! Ella loooved the wind in her face and didn't mind the noise at all. She was simply delightful. (Note, she is also in the shade. After slathering every bit of skin with sunscreen, we made sure she was never in direct contact with the sun. Of all my babies, her skin is the porcelainiest. Yes, it's a word.)

Lucy contemplated using the g-forces contained in her hair to lift herself out of the boat completely. She was still Lucy in a Boat but she was now Lucy in a Really Fast Boat. She started out the trip sitting with me int he back of the boat but once she got a hang of what was really going on, she was up in the front with the other kids and calling out "Hit it!" louder than anyone else.


  1. I love the shot of Lucy and 'her hair'! Oh, and I'm not forgetting the one of sweet Ella in the mongo-huge life jacket! :)

  2. I am so very happy you actually made it in time to circle the lake, it's just so wonderful to be on the water like that. FUN!

  3. Love the hair on Lucy! Wow!

  4. HOw fun!! Love the pics! Ella makes everything look adorable. :) What a amazing talent she has already. :)

  5. Ella in the life vest, wow. Words cannot express the cuteness. Made my day!

  6. Hmmm. Do you somehow channel the attractiveness bestowed upon your offspring? Do you pray for it? Because if you do, God REALLY likes you.

    And yes, you may link to me when you talk about Senior Prom All Over Again. I can't wait for that post, by the way. I could have gone on and on. I could have elaborated on the inappropriate haunch swinging exercise. I could have talked about watching several birthing videos and thinking, on more than one occasion, "Maybe it can just stay in there." Much like Carol on Friends.

  7. So funny that you commented, as I've been a long-time lurker on YOUR blog! (via Blogher ads)

    I think we were a match made in heaven. A whirlwind romance, if you will.

    Link away. If I get my butt in gear (ha! THAT'S gonna' happen!) I'll add you to my blogroll!