Saturday, June 28, 2008

Please Don't Injure Parts of Your Body that Mommy Can't Spell

The weather has been beautiful the last couple of days. Not too hot, not too cold and down at the bay it has been even more amazing. So a fun day at the bay was called for with Grandma Sisi and Grandpa Tim! And, as a bonus, we had Grammy Bonnie in town! AND Nick was with us too!

The grandparent to kid ratio was so perfect that I got to lay down on the picnic blanket and rest. I saw my babies running to collect shells, riding the scooter and roller skating. I laid my head down and the wind was blowing across my ear so that all I could hear was my own breath. I think I actually FELT my pulse rate slow down. I closed my eyes and began to drift off to sleep.........

WHAM! I was jolted back to reality and looked up to see the roller skating son on the ground.
He was crying.
Oh and spitting out a LOT of blood.
I kinda sat up and paid attention.
Actually, I sprinted across the grass over to the small group of my family that had formed.

"It's his tongue." David told me. "He fell and his knee hit his chin which sent his teeth into his tongue."

I actually thought I might lose it right there. Because, while I was completely focused on my sweet boy who was now going into shock, I also was fully aware of my odd but quite powerful revulsion of all "mouth things." I decided to be the person who made phone calls...and didn't examine the injury.

We got directions for an Urgent Care close to our house. We knew they probably wouldn't do anything to the tongue but it was one of those "let's have someone look at it" situations. Once we had Lucy, Nick and Ella squared away with Grandma and Grammy, we were off. We called the Urgent Care to confirm where they were.

8:47pm. Call begins.
She said: Hi, this is Denise. Blah, blah, blah, how can I help you?

I said: Hi. I am on my way there and needed to find where you were located.

She said: We're in Poway. (cricket. cricket.)

I said: .......uh, I know that. I meant where exactly are you located? Are you in the new building behind the hospital?

She said: Well, you can't come in and be seen. We are closing.

I said: I was told we had to get there by 9:00 and we would be seen.

She said: Sigh. Well, what are you coming in for?

I thought: Ha! Caught ya!
I SAID: My son bit his tongue. I am literally 1 minute away.

She said: Well, okay then.

I said: David, if we meet a nurse named Denise in there, I am going to have to do my best to NOT PUNCH HER.

Got to the building (LESS THAN ONE MINUTE LATER thankyouverymuch) and the elevator wasn't working. We run up the stairs and make it just in time.

Denise the Helpful was there.
Denise the Helpful was spoken to in a respectful manner by me.
Denise the Helpful and Patron Saint to all Injured Parties Needing Late Night Medical Care was NOT punched in the face by me.
But I almost had to hold David back. (I won't include the snarky exchange between David and Denise except to say that Denise, at one point, suggested that we hadn't even LOOKED at the injury and that's when I found myself physically hanging on to him.)

She told us, "It's just a tongue injury, you know they probably aren't going to do anything."

That's when I jumped the counter and began the beatdown.
Nah, I didn't.
Or did I?

We got in to see the doc. He said it didn't need stitches. It was when the doc started describing the things to watch out for that I found myself gripping the exam table and wondering when the floor turned to Jell-O. Then I heard the phrase "green puss" and my knees honestly lost strength for a moment. The Doc said to rinse with saltwater (props to Michelle for calling that one!) and no straws for 3 weeks. Here, 24 hours later Nathan is able to eat and looooves the saltwater gargling.

I am suddenly thankful that Nate is not currently in pre school because I can only imagine what he'd be bringing in for Share Time on Monday. But if you see us, all you have to do is ask and Nathan will let you take a peek.

And here's a peek of the fun...pre injury.


  1. Tell him I am very much looking forward to my Nate shake date on the 18th :)

    Glad he is ok.

  2. Gotta love the ever-helpful medical staff. So kind. So friendly and ready to help in any and every way.

    Glad he is 'ok' and that he didn't need stitches or the like. Just gotta say that Caleb prayed for his friend after I got your text. :)

  3. Give me Denise's address and I will help her to wash her car by throwing rotten eggs at her windows. ;)

    Glad to hear that Nathan is okay.

  4. Ewwwww that Dennise lady made me so angry when you first told me this story.....what a meany! And I kept imagining Nate walking out of Urgent Care with a big white bandage wrapped around the tip of his tongue with a big knot on the top. Oh poor Nate I just want to hug him now. But, I am glad he is healing well =^).