Saturday, November 18, 2006

Retraction. Blog Retraction.

Remember how I disowned James Bond?

Yeah, well, I am taking it back.

David and I got to go on a date last night (hooray!!) and we even went to a movie (whoopie!!) and on opening weekend of said movie (hip hip hooray!!) 007, we were ready to watch with an intensely critical eye.

You see, we have strong ties with James Bond. We had a tradition of getting together with our friends, friends and more friends and worked our way backwards through the series, 1 movie at a time. We were each in charge of snacks (how did we eat all that food??) involving some form of melted cheese (queso or molten lava), guacamole (when avocados were in season), and I was always in charge of the "sweet." I'd make cupcakes or we'd have cookies spelling out the movie we were seeing and blood red icing to dip it in. I often prepared a dossier with information about the movie and we would settle in for the delicious acting and riveting dialogue.

Some of us liked to talk during the movie (me, Scott) and some of us liked to actually WATCH the movie (Susie the Shusher! Hee hee) but no matter what, we had fun. It took two years of getting together once a month and it was unforgettable fun. We found that when we hit the Roger Moore years that a little liquor was needed to make it past the lips that would reach round the world. And we didn't absolutely hate George Lazenby.

We were even experts at the Nintendo 64 Game. Susie played it true to Bond and was a fan of the PP7, the guys could rotate through the weapons with ease, Michelle found that the more she played, the more she dreamt about it at night and I would just grab the biggest gun I could, choose the smallest villain (Oddjob) and just run around shooting people.

So when we heard about the new Bond, the blonde Bond, the possibly not handsome crinkly faced Bond, we were not pleased. E-mails flew on whether or not we would see the movie or even endorse it. We mostly agreed that we would hold a "wait and see" view so we could fully form our opinion.

Opinion formed.
I loved the movie.
I love the new Bond.

He spends a lot of the movie with his shirt off: this is a good thing. I could watch him run all day (and I think he could if he needed to.) And he made me laugh.

This Bond film showed him achieving his 007 status, making mistakes and how he became the charming but hard hearted man we all know and love.

If the Broccoli family had tried to make a move like this with my beloved Pierce Brosnan, it would not have worked. It would have been too much like watching my Dad play cards and kill people. Daniel Craig is NOT my Dad. And that is good.

So, check it out for yourself. Enjoy the Bond-ness of Daniel Craig. Bask in the M-nicity of Dame Judi Dench. Miss the Q-tastic gadgets. (My only complaint about the movie although it does make sense with the story line.)


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  1. Can't wait to see it! I miss you guys already! :-) S