Thursday, November 05, 2009

Blogger Fail

Yes Dear Friends, you have done the math correctly: I missed yesterday.

The plan was....
-dinner for the kids
-various other errands and chores
-kids in bed
-go upstairs to edit pictures

and while I was going to be editing pictures.....

I even had a topic that included these key words:
short term memory and bathroom sign in book.

But instead I did everything, including the going upstairs but I didn't write.


  1. oh no!!! but why didn't you post date a post for yesterday (like you did last year *gasp*)?? maybe you can do a make-up post on December 1st?

  2. You know, D, I thought about it but it felt dishonest.

    I postdated posts last year if I was awake and I was blogging after midnight. I felt like it was okay because I hadn't gone to bed yet-it was still the same day. This time it was me falling into bed, not even saying goodnight to David and then waking up the next morning realizing what I'd done.

    I'll keep writing though. You can count on that.

  3. I am sad. But, I'll get over it. I'll get over it faster if you keep posting as if you didn't miss a day. Because you make me smile and laugh. =^)

  4. Heck, I haven't even done one blog! I am blank-a-dee- Blank-blank. Plus no one reads me anyways ( sorry, for my moment of feeling sorry for myself ; ) ) .

  5. and all the while, misty sits by in Idaho realizing her life will never be the same because she know's not of this bathroom sign in book.