Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nate Lays Down the Law

A Rant by Nathan as told to Daddy
Transcribed by Mommy based on Daddy’s memory of the conversation

When I am a grown up* I am going to read stories to my kids every night. Until midnight.
And then Lexi will come upstairs and say, “What the heck are you doing? It is 10 minutes to midnight and you have to go to bed. If you don’t stop this you can’t go to dinner with us tomorrow!”
But I WILL go to dinner with them tomorrow.

I will not just read stories, I will TELL them stories and I will tell them about the Tickle Monster and tickle them if they are 2 boys and want to be tickled…..

…or maybe I will have two girls. Or maybe one boy and one girl.

(long pause. much thought.)


Maybe I will have one and one set of MULTIPLES!

The end.

*=This is his new thing when we make a decision he doesn’t agree with. He has also told us that he will never spank his kids, only tickle them when they have been bad. I told him good luck with that one.


  1. Hang in there Nate-We all NEVER were going to do or say what our parents did/said...Then one day we hear their words come out of our mouths and we realize maybe they knew what they were doing after all

  2. he's a man who knows what he wants! :)
    - Deanne

  3. HaHa! Oh, I love it!! Tickles when you've been bad actually might be effective. We might just have to try that in our house. :)

  4. I love that he already has picked out a wife. I love when little boys do that. -Sarah Busch

  5. hahahahaa, I so love this !!! I love how our kids still talk about each other even though they never see each other. It's like each other's name have been carved into the heart of the other..... so romantic. Lex is still telling the boys at her school that want to marry her that she can't because she is waiting for Nate to give her a ring.