Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Tuesday Tenner

10. I think I would have fun working at Costco. When I am there, I see people laughing and joking with each other, I totally rock a name tag and just being there makes me happy so......

9. It has come to the attention of the upstairs bathroom scale that my daily nachos habit is not so wonderful. Although my taste buds are seriously disputing the facts and calling the integrity of the scale into question.

8. I had one of those cool experiences today where God took such great care of my heart when I was in a situation where I was Moses, begging for an Aaron and God instead took me by the hand and helped me do what He'd asked of me. I know how vague that is but if you have been there, you know what I am talking about.

7. RED CUP DAY! Are you like me and you have a lot of friends who celebrate Red Cup Day with the enthusiasm that most people celebrate Christmas? If not, then you need new friends. I will lend you mine.

6. Nathan is watching me type this out and is amazed by my speed. Clearly I need to show off in front of 6 year olds more often. It's good for the ego.

5. When I worked at Berean Christian Stores ("Thank you for calling Berean Christian Stores, this is Bethany, how can I be of service?") I was so fast at the the 10-key that I would wait till there were a lot of customers waiting to check out and I'd ring up my separate orders on the other computer with lightning speed. Because pride is a beautiful thing in a Christian Bookstore.

4. Almost every time I have to write "separate," I have to have it spell checked. I only finally mastered "definite" just last week. Seriously.

3. I recently finished a book series by Ken Follett. "Pillars of the Earth" and "World Without End." They are eleventy billion pages each and you will end up dreaming about their storylines which, to me, is the result of a good read.

2. David came home from work today and gave me the once over look. It was nice. And then he said, "What's going on with the lipstick?" Even though I was fully aware that I had on deep red lipstick that I was auditioning for real life and had applied it in the car only a few hours before, I pretended to not know what he was talking about. Risky move, yes, but I got an "I like it. It looks good." out of him. Success!

1. I took a series of pictures of my sister and Ella playing with a baby doll recently in the Big Red Chair (before it's near fatal injury.) And this one is my favorite. It just makes me smile.


  1. Costco is a happy place, but I would end up bringing home way too much stuff if worked there. :)

  2. I have missed these .....do more !! pls!!!...xoxo Kristen

  3. yup-missed this-keep it up (and get some rest!)

  4. Sigh, have I mentioned that I love you today!? No? Well I really really do. And I love it that you are writing lots...I love November.

  5. #1 is my fav. just sayin'.

    - Jor

  6. I can say with authority that Sam's Club IS a fun place to work, so I'd bet Costco would be too. And Costco gets points for putting two people on every register! Also, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who lacks confidence in her ability to correctly spell words like "seperate" and "definite"...what is it with certain words?...Wait, did I spell "certain" right?

  7. Bethany, I have only read your blog for a couple of months, and I LOVE all of your posts lately. Your writing makes me smile! And I'm totally checking out Red Cup day.

  8. Eleventy billion??? You are so smart.
    Separate gets me every time too.

  9. Oh, my GOSH! Oh, my GOSH! Oh, my GOOOOOOSH!!!!!!! I am the SAME WAY with those two words! I just started spelling "definitive" right consistently... and I use spell check on "separate!" Because it seems so often like it should be "seperate," doesn't it? And with the Moses thing? Totally know what you're talking about. You are SO Moses. I'm going to send you a robe and a staff.

  10. I want to talk more about #8 sounds, that's my kind of topic.

  11. I'm a big fan of red cup today and it's return every all. I think I celebrated four times this week, how terrible is that?