Sunday, September 17, 2006

10 Things that Brought Me Joy This Week

10) My shows are back! Amazing Race, CSI, The Office.....there are lots. Welcome Back! I missed you!

9) Many nights of good sleep. Did you know that is what normal people do at night??

8) Can you say FIRST PLACE PADRES?! Woo Hoo!

7) A beautiful birthday party for the baby I love of a friend I love even more.

6) An abundance of "Just Lucy" time this week. Oh she is a heart swells when I get to be with her.

5) An amazing morning of Worship today amidst some personal mini-storms, God was there and I saw Him clearly.

4) My eye makeup looked REALLY good for a party on Friday night.

3) I started a hilarious book.

2) Just me and Nate the Great at the mall on Monday picking up a present for his teacher. The plan? Spend about $16. The Execution? The Sephora Lady showed us something better than just a bottle of lotion. She showed us lotion in a box SHAPED LIKE A SCHOOLHOUSE. Total spent? $37. My son's teacher had better let him be line leader the rest of the year.


1) SEVEN MILES BABY!!!!! Amy and I walked SEVEN MILES and did it in GOOD time and we weren't even sore the next morning. It was an AMAZING accomplishment and I LOVE that I got to share it with a friend.

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  1. So glad for the Amazing race to be back on, too :) I missed them, and Survivor and Grey's and, and and. Man, I need to get a life ;)