Monday, September 11, 2006

Week of Joy

10 Things that Brought Me Joy This Week

10) Seeing Nathan in his first day of school outfit. I had him try it on and I am glad because now I will be preapred for how cute he looks. It has 2 embroidered X's on it and I told him those are my kisses staying with him all day while he is at school. (Pre School starts Tuesday!!)

9) Finding out that David isn't leaving town this week after all.

8) The kindness of friends in a mini-crisis with Lucy's face.

7) Knowing that my friend is playing the spoons in Heaven right now.

6) Laughing so hard that I almost peed. (Susie! SNAKE! Amy! CULT!)) And 4 Miles in under 90 minutes.

5) Ahhhh, Carne Asada Fries

4) Hope for the future.

3) The bouncy curls of The Goose as she ran around with her brother in our front yard and played in the dirt. We did it White Trash Style with the neighbors and TV Trays, salsa and chips and light beer in the can.

2) Goofing off with Russell at Band Rehearsal on Monday.

And the #1 Joy of my week?

1) My sister. We sat in the same room, we watched Friends, we drank Diet Coke.
And I miss her already.


  1. I have to confess two things:

    *I just read your sister's blog and loved it.

    *I'm jealous that you and Susie got to run into each other and have FUN when I haven't even gotten to MEET you yet. *pout, pout*

    And that is just that.

  2. Why won't blogger let me comment?
    Try #2: I should come with a warning: "Hi, I'm Susie and am deathly afraid of snakes and people beginning stories with GASP!"