Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Just as Long as He Doesn't Love His Teacher More Than He Loves Me

We started school today! What a good morning!
Pictures in front of the house

Pictures in front of the school...

And pictures inside the classroom...

Nathan was excited to go to school. He loved his clothes and his bucket. He loved the present we got for his teacher and he was excited that his friend Owen (nickname Ooo-eee) was in the class with him.

I really wanted to stay once I dropped him off. When we went into his classroom, that was my plan. We wandered around the different activity stations and he kept saying, "C'mon Mommy, let;s see what's over there."

Parents started leaving. David was ready to leave.
I was not.
I looked around, saw a classroom full of no parents. ("
Room full of empty people!")
I turned to Nathan who had settled with some cars and his teacher had suggested he make a road for the cars to drive on (how did she know his love for roads?!?) I asked for a kiss and he asked for me to help him build his road. I told him I was thinking about leaving and he said....

"Miss Richardson, can you help me build my road?"

I left shortly after that.

He did wonderfully and I will be begging him for information on what he did all day (if 2 hours can be considered a "whole day") but for now, we are celebrating that we all made it.

And no, David, I don't CARE that Nathan's bucket was the biggest one in his class. I am expecting BIG things out of him!


  1. Look at how grown-up he is ;) Great photos, B! You did a nice job with the bucket, too. Ahem.

  2. Nate's eyes are so amazing, you and David do good work.

    I love the photos as well.

    Good Luck in Pre-School Nate!

  3. The bucket is pretty big...PRETTY BIG AND AWESOME!

  4. Maybe you can go in and help him with a demonstration of "The Perfect Sandwich," by Nate the Great. This will assure the kids are really learning something new. =^)