Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The One Where We Disturb All The Fishermen

Ahhh, Saturday. Day in which you loaf around on the couch, band together to fix your house or attempt the picture perfect "Family Outing." Because David and I had already met our quota for loafing that week and because fixing things sounded like too much work, we decided to opt for the Norman Rockwell Picturesque Saturday Activity.

It started out as a hike around Poway Lake but when Nathan tripped over Daddy's foot and BLOOD STARTED POURING OUT OF HIS KNEE (not really) our day was quickly turning into "How Early Can We Lay Them Down For a Nap" Day.

We decided to rent a boat with a little outboard motor and go for a ride around the lake. It was such a beautiful day! The sky was so blue, it was so peaceful out on the lake.......and then The Zabs showed up!!

The kids loved the boat, hated the fact that we were not going to be rowing for the next hour and Lucy was so excited about her "Special Boat Jacket." We loaded everyone into the boat and, miraculously, no one fell in. (Not even me!)

We drove around the lake and talked about how to be quiet and not stomp in the boat. See, Poway Lake is also a fishing lake and as we made our way to the middle of the lake, we traversed the veritable slalom course of fishermen. As we passed them, David waved at one of the fishermen who responded by turning his head and muttering something to his friend. Oops.

Nathan had fun helping David drive the boat. He was a little wary moving around on the boat at first but after while if he wasn't driving, he was lookout and telling Daddy which way to steer. Loudly.

Lucy was....well.....she was Lucy in a boat.
And when it came time to turn in the boat, she cried because she didn't want to give away her Boat Jacket. That girl really loves her accessories.

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