Friday, November 03, 2006

Look Out Alexis, the Boy Likes to Dress for Dinner!

My son is upstairs crying himself to sleep right now. He is so tired and he needs his nap but..........he wants his "tuxeeeeeeeeeeeeeddooooooooooo shooooooooooooooeeeesssssss!"

I'm sorry, did you not understand? He said Tuxedo Shoes.

Nate the Great is the ring bearer in Auntie Shari's wedding and is SO SO excited to wear his tuxedo. He was sad the day we fitted him for it, "Why can't I take it home with me?" He was sad the next two days waiting for it to be the day when he COULD take his tuxedo home, "Mommy, is it Tuxedo Day yet?"

This morning he woke me up around 6-something to tell me that it was TUXEDO DAY!!! I made it clear to him that if he wanted to live to see a day OTHER than Tuxedo Day, he'd better clear out for another 30 minutes or so.

Well, the fitting went well. My kid is such a delicious blend of charm and beauty. And you can't help but smile when he keeps saying that he looks like Daddy.

I am thrilled he is happy to wear his tuxedo tomorrow...I am having a hard time explaining to the kid who has been wearing his astronaut costume every day since Halloween why he can't wear his tuxedo to bed for his nap. He kept bargaining pieces, we got down to just the bow tie and the shoes when I just finally made him head upstairs and go to bed. Hence the wailing for his shoes.

I think after the wedding I will let him wear it to church. He will be the best dressed toddler at VGCC.


  1. This is priceless. You could let him nap in the bow tie and shoes, sneak in and take pictures, and then threaten to show his dates when he's older if he doesn't behave. *evil laugh*

  2. so precious! He is beyond cute and beyond adorable!