Monday, November 06, 2006

Possibly the Last Breast Cancer 3-Day Blog Until AFTER My Walk!!!!

Been wondering where you can go to cheer me on when I do the Breast Cancer 3-Day this weekend? Well, let me tell you!!

I would LOVE to see ANY of you with signs or just your smiles. Just reply to me and I will send you the cheering station locations.

If you have been meaning to donate but just keep forgetting, I only need about $80 more to reach my goal! Click Here to be my hero!

For those of you who have already donated-your gift means so much to me for so so so many reasons. But mostly because I am getting the feeling that you might actually believe in me!! And that is the greatest gift you could give me.

Whether or not you have donated, I covet your prayers. Prayer for strength and endurance. Prayers that I might be able to use 3 days of walking as a time to spent a little mental time with God. I am praying that He uses this time of no internet, no cell phones (while I am walking), no music as a time to speak to me. Sometimes when He whispers, I don't hear Him. Also that I can be inspired and motivated by the others around me. Those who will be walking despite being in the middle of chemo for breast cancer. I can do this walk for them.

Love to all of you and your amazing support of me on this trip.
I start walking Friday Morning!!

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