Friday, November 10, 2006

LOVED You in the Fast and the Furious, But Did You Have to Make THIS Movie??

I DVR'd "The Pacifier" the other day. You know, the one with Vin Diesel as the Manny? I kind of have a thing for Vin. He is mostly cute but it is his voice that really attracts me. I have a thing for guys with low voices.

Look, it's Vin chasing after bratty kids!
Hey, there's Vin diving in a sewer full of poop!
Is that Vin Diesel doing a silly Panda Dance? It sure is!!
Awwwww, touching Vin Diesel moment when he makes a connection with the kid he is caring for and takes of the production of "Sound of Music!" (I am SO not making that one up.)

Let me save you the 90 minutes of pain....skip this one.

(Although I will give it props for the great montage scene..."We're gonna need a montage...Always fade out in a montage")

**Thanks to the hubby who is posting in my absence today.
Today is Day One of my Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk!!**

1 comment:

  1. Yes, all it was missing was a great theme song. "Amercia, (beep) yeah. America, we'll save the mother-(beep)in' day, yeah!" Hmmm... maybe this comment is pushing the comment envelope. You'll still love me. =^)
    By the way, a friend of mine worked as an intern for Vin's promo team. She said he was REALLY, really nice. They spent an afternoon playing cards and he treated everyone as equals.