Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Coffee? Tea? Oui!

It took her over an hour to set everything up. But once her spread was complete-the guests lacked for nothing.

There were fresh flowers...from Mommy's potted plants outside........

Ice cream was abundant........

We had reading material........

And pancakes!
Yes, it's a breast pad.
Yes, Lucy calls them pancakes.
No, I don't have any left now.

Some of the honored guests included Baby Princess Belle, a Cabbage Patch Lil' Sprout, My Little Pony....

And, our sweet Ella Girl.

It was the yummiest tea party ever that ended with dancing to original music played by our delightful hostess who also demanded that we dance.
We obliged.


  1. That is the most fabulous thing ever

    I just read your "care for a spot of tea? blog.

    and oh my gosh, i seriously lol-ed.

    the "ice cream was abundant" made me laugh even harder.

    because it's dairy queen models,
    i just spent 9 hours at DQ today and am DONE with it in 12 DAYS!!!

    hah, plastic!

  3. The perfect party-forget those tiny teeny sandwiches-go for the soft serve and dancing!

  4. I so miss lucy tea parties and dancing with your kids... I need to come over and play!
    and maybe some tea or somthing from her fabulous pink kitchen!

  5. So cute and so sweet. Dang it! I really, really want a good camera so I could take good close ups and then I could take a photgraphy class or something to learn all the fancy stuff you people do. I know I have the eye for beauty I just need the right tool in my hands now to express myself.

    I love that first it.