Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pimping Myself Out For Free Stuff

A present! A present! I love getting mail!

The way to my heart is to send me things in the mail-really. I will be yours forever. Send me garbage: if it has something interesting to read on it, I will adore it. But THIS was NOT garbage and I reminded myself that I needed to not let the fact that it was delivered to my doorstep sway my unbiased opinion.

Super cute dress in the mail from Kenneth Cole for me to review. Drop waist bubble skirt and jersey like t-shirt style on top. The bubble skirt caught my attention because while I do not think they are all that flattering on grown ups, on my sweet already bubble butted baby they are adorable. (Note how even the hairiest of children will still look attractive in this dress!) The design on the skirt was a brown pattern with a little bit of pink to it which is perfect should your fur or teddy bear nose be the same pink hue.. Adorable-the faint pink was a surprise when I pulled the outfit out of the plastic. I couldn’t try it on my sweetie girl since she is still in newborn sizes but I do know that once she is big enough, it will be worked into the wardrobe cycle. The outfit also came with a hat-sun hat style with a nice wide brim. The fabric was soft enough and the dress doesn’t look like it will lose its shape when washed.

It is missing a diaper cover-or "fanny pants" as we call them in our house. With a dress for a baby who is 6-9 months, I need something to cover up the nappies. I wish the white of the jersey and the white of the linen skirt "matched" but I think that's impossible. And, honestly, that's just me being picky! My favorite part of the whole outfit was the overall styling-it had a sophisticated look for a baby dress and I liked that a lot. Well done Kenneth Cole.

You can mail stuff to me anytime!

(PLEASE forgive the quality of the photo...had to use the camera phone this time.)


  1. Soooo....your saying that you get to review products and keep them...FOR FREE???? What kind of friend would keep that info to herself? I'm askin' ya! :)

  2. What the heck? I want stuff to review! I want a check, too! And I still want a buzzer. Does it annoy you that I'm coveting your blog life right now? I also want a cool banner. And a roomba... but you don't have a roomba. I just want that.

  3. your baby doesn't wear a diaper thong as advertised on SNL???