Friday, May 23, 2008

Shortly After That, I Was Officially Shunned

I am a disgrace to the Amish Community.

Last week, I was given a Ziploc bag of goo containing the makings of Amish Friendship Bread. I was also given instructions that, after careful examination, looked like something I could handle. Mush the mag for, like 6 days, add a bunch of stuff, mush more days and then divide the mix and bake the bread.

(Sidenote: Can someone PLEASE explain to me how it is OK to mix up milk and sugar and flour and leave it sitting on my kitchen counter for days? I mean, this kind of goes against everything I know about cooking.)

The week followed with my brilliant husband asking me questions that cracked him up:
"Did you fondle your bag today?"
"Don't forget to squeeze your sack!"
I can't believe I just typed any of these out, I will stop.

Tonight I had to add the final ingredients, divide the mix and then bake the bread. Perfect for a Friday night. You can't use any metal utensils though. No big deal for me but the whole time I was tempted to toss my whisk in to see if the dough might explode or if I would suddenly find myself with a kitchen full of Amish people telling me how I was literally using the tools of the devil to make their beloved bread.

I added eggs, milk, vanilla...whoops-I put in twice as much cinnamon, well, it will just be very cinnamonny...sugar, baking powder-what? That was SUPPOSED to be baking powder but I put in baking SODA. Now I have twice the soda I need in so lets go ahead and toss in the right amount of baking powder too. Flour. Flour, flour.....ummm. I have 3/4 cup of flour and I need 2 cups. Hmmm, whole wheat flour will just have to do.

So to recap, that is twice the cinnamon, twice the baking soda and 1 1/4cups of whole wheat flour. Niiiice.

The bread is baking right now. I won't be going to bed until I sample my personal creation of Amish Friendship Bread. Maybe my version will be the kind you only give to your enemies. OR, it just might be the loaf you give to your best friend.

My hubby would laugh at the word loaf.


  1. our hubby is a witty gem (heehee).
    The bread recipe leaves alot of room for messing with it, and I used whole wheat when I made it , several times a few months ago. It's addicting. And the on the counter thing, it's amazing really, but it makes it have a sourdough flavor, because originally this is how you go dough to rise at all! All you need to know is that it is ok...and metal just messes with the rising or something.

  2. I thought I'd follow the world's longest comment with a P.S.:
    Hope it tastes great

  3. I laugh at the word loaf too.

  4. I have never made this bread, but I have heard rumors of such a process... my goodness....
    but funny.

  5. did it turn out?? Is it any good? Will you be handing out your own little baggies-o-mush next week? :)

  6. I was making this "bread" last Sunday night. I had a friend from San Diego OVER NIGHT the mix to me a few days prior. (seriously). I only wish I had the humor to go with it! Thanks for the good laugh, and I hope yours turned out better then mine. :)

  7. I have made this bread many times. Every year or so, someone gives me a bag and I create a new generation of yeast. When I'm ready to foster out my bags of starter, the Friendship bread has usually made the rounds and I have a hard time getting anyone to take the darn things. I have to throw some bags away but, I feel like I'm killing my "pet yeast". It's hard for me to do that. :-) Happy baking

  8. I want a starter. I haven't gotten to do it in years. There are several different kinds but it all runs off the old yeast principle. I hope it turned out delicious.

  9. Ha!

    I haven't gotten friendship bread goo in years! How was it?

  10. You made me laugh! Glad it turned out well anyway. Greetings via fragile-flower! I think I'll be back.

  11. I am NOT the friend you want to give this bag to. When I was first married a friend gave me a bag and I swear it sat ontop of my frige for a year because every time I saw it I felt to guilty to throw it away. Till eventually I faced it and told myself "You are never going to make this bread so just toss it". And I did.