Saturday, May 17, 2008

The One Where My Insides Jump Out and Run Laps Around Me

Biiiig photo shoot this weekend. A fundraiser for a local church's playgroup. I did a session for them last year at Christmastime. Two days, 14 families with some SUPER cute kids.

Best part so far? The over 100 degree temperatures we are having right now in Poway. And it is supposed to be even hotter tomorrow. Yay.

Anyway...after a break this afternoon, I was leaving to head back to the park. Grabbed the camera bag and ran for the door. It was then I heard the most sickening of sounds. It sounded like my heart breaking. And somewhere a few miles away at a T-Ball field, David was suddenly dizzy for no reason: The camera fell out of the bag and onto our kitchen tile.

I dropped to my knees immediately to survey the damage.

Flash? Looked good.

Battery? Everything was there.

Camera? I picked it up and staring back at me was a quartet of cracks running across the filter attached to our lens. I was sure the crack ran all the way through the lens and up into my heart.

The phone call I had to place to David was...well, I didn't like doing it. I might as well have been calling him to let him know Nathan had broken his leg. If Nathan was a camera and cost a bunch of money. Oh, and if we carried Nathan around in a backpack.

To make a long couple of hours short, after working hard to remove the filter from the lens, David was finally successful and-praise God-the lens itself was completely unharmed.

So what's the lesson here, kids?
1. Don't drop your camera.
2. Don't drop your camera.
3. If you drop your camera, build a time machine and go back in time and then UN drop your camera.


  1. My favorite turn of the pen phrase in this:
    "quartet of cracks"...

    hope today goes buttah on el cajon asphalt....

  2. I hurt for you. I'm also sweating for you...May is early for 100+ weather!

  3. Did you hear that other crack? It was my heart breaking, too. OH my goodness- I couldn't believe this happened to you! So glad it is an easy fix.

    Oh, the lessons I've learned include:
    1. Don't drop your camera
    2. Get a back-up camera.
    3. Thank you Jesus for filters.

    I had my client last night hold my 70-200mm f/2.8L while I switched out lenses and told her it was my fourth child and she had to be so super careful to hold it and not drop it. I'm not sure she quite understood how serious I was.

  4. Yeah, no one ever REALLY understands how serious we are. :)

  5. Perfect and necessary advice in deed!

  6. Phooey!!!!! Anonymous already stole my comment! Albeit slightly different. I was going to say that the phrase "quartet of cracks" wins this month's Awesome Alliteration Award.

  7. Ooo, ouch. I totally remembering getting a text from you on that day asking for prayer.