Sunday, May 11, 2008

Where's My Salt?

Happy Mother's Day!

I am winding down my day watching the Survivor Finale (shhh, I don't know who won yet!) and everyone in my house is upstairs asleep. Ahhhh...that brings me such bliss. This is where I decide if I want to stay up all night, watch TV and pay for it tomorrow or do I go to bed and get the rest I need? Hmmmmmm.

Mother's Day was a nice one-started things waking up around 7 and realizing that I had slept all night long! Ella didn't wake up once (or if she did, she didn't state her case loudly enough to wake me up) and I had my first full night's sleep in months. Thank you Ella.

I told David that he should be thankful we go to church because then he doesn't have to get the kids together to make things for me. Lucy brought me the sweetest bunch of pipe cleaner and construction paper flowers she had colored-it melted my heart. I think I will keep them forever.

Nathan brought me a snail.

Seriously, a snail.

And I'm not even talking about something he found in a nearby bush. His Sunday School teacher gave it to him. In a cup. He was so excited to show me-as it was trying to JUMP OUT OF THE CUP AND ATTACK ME! It was going for my throat-honestly. I informed him-Nathan, not the snail, I don't talk to snails-that if he did not keep the snail IN the cup I was going to KILL THE SNAIL. I am not kidding, I looked my 5 year old in the eyes and meant every word I said.

Thank you Mrs. Yvonne, Sunday School teacher. Thank you for sending a SNAIL home for Mother's Day. I asked Nathan WHY we now had a snail as a part of our family...why had Mrs. Yvonne given everyone snails? He was quiet for awhile and told me, "I guess she wanted all of us to have a pet!"

The snail's name is Carlsbad Alexander Zabrosky. And Carlsbad is pronounced "carls-BAD" because he is BAD for trying to get out of the cup. As of right now, he is residing in a water bottle. He is expected to make it through the night but most likely not the week.

Oh, and have I told you all how I hate snails?

Well, at least I didn't crush the thing. My future daughter-in-law Alexis gave her daddy her teeny tiny baby snail to hold along with some potted flowers Mrs. Yvonne had also given the kids. (I didn't see the flowers when Nathan handed them to me-all I could see was the snail.) Damon took the potted flower's cup and dropped it into the snail's cup. Needless to say, both the snail and Alexis were crushed. Nathan was incredibly upset on behalf of his friend (and future bride.) I tried to get him to give her his snail but apparently his love for her just doesn't go that far.

Darn it.


  1. We had so much fun making Lucy's pipe cleaner, each flower had a very cute story that went along with her coloring, and she insisted on the pink and white pipe cleaners because green stems are for boys apparently. :)

    As for the snail... Garrett's still lives at VGC.. ooops.. guess we forgot him.. however the flowers made it home :) :) hehehehe

    On the way home Connor told Garrett what escargo was.. he was a little too intrigued.. I'm worried.

    Love you my dearest friend, and may your slimy mother's day be very blessed. :)

  2. Ewe, a snail. I doubt that the Sunday school teacher will ever live that one down.

  3. That's so wrong. SO WRONG!
    Spencer made me a potted flowery plant in Sunday School as well, sans the snail.

    So sorry my friend. Maybe you can talk about how snail can only live in the wild, and they DIE in captivity, and then go do a "release" somewhere far from your yard. Nature show it up!! :)

  4. I totally HATE snails, You were a WAY nicer mommy than I was...