Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy Blogaversary To Me!

Yesterday was my Blogaversary. A word I wish I had come up with and that always makes me think of when Monica and Chandler go to Vegas and Monica says they can have their "plane-aversary."

I have been writing for 3 years now. 3 years of sharing waaay too much information. Even this year alone is example enough of the TMI...

Hey Internet! Look at my pee!
Internet, I make inappropriate jokes about dead grandmothers!
Well looky there, I talk about bodily functions again!
Isn't my husband amazing, Internet?
Remember when I stalked someone? Ha! Good times.
Dear Internet, I like to write letters.
And don't forget there was the Biggest Surprise of the Year
Oh yeah, and I did this last year.

And how did the Internet reward me for my loyal blogging? It paid me. (I got my first check from BlogHer yesterday. Which is a completely tacky thing to bring up. But don't you come here for all the tacky?)

Hope you stick around for more...


  1. Grab at any chance to make a clelbration!

  2. clel-bration??!!
    *note this is original unedited content

  3. i thought of that too!!

    Happy Day!!!

  4. You got your check? IIIIII haven't gotten a check! Where's my check? How much was your check? Was it worth it? Are you happy? I still want to know where my check is!!!

  5. I think we need a FRIENDS marathon after that trip down memory lane :)

  6. Happy blogaversary!

    Ya, how much WAAAs your check inquiring mind wants to know.