Thursday, August 14, 2008

All I Need is a Sharpie to Make Things Cool

Do you ever look around and realize you are missing something and you have NO idea what happened to it?

I am not talking about thinks you may have lost recently, maybe while pregnant, like 2 cell phones, a pair of Padre tickets, your wedding ring set or sanity. (NOT that I ever lost ANY of those things! No way.)

I mean things that you maybe had as a kid that were in your room one day and gone the next. Favorite board games, a doll or a book you used to read?

There is a picture of me with my broken arm wearing a shirt that had the sketch of a girl's face on it. It was Very 80's. Very Max Headroom. I don't know what happened to it. It was lost somewhere between Long Beach and San Diego when we moved.

And my backpack from high school. It was cool. It was a Jansport. It was FOREST GREEN-THE color of the 90's yes?-with the leather bottom and single pocket on the front. It had adjustable straps so that when it was cool to wear it slung as low over your rear end as possible, it complied. And then, when it was cool to wear your backpack up high on your back, the straps adjusted right where they needed to be. It was cooler than your backpack. Oh yeah it was. Wanna know why? Because I took a Sharpie and drew flowers all over the outside of the tiny pocket. Helped me find it in the sea of FOREST GREEN backpacks on my campus.

Where is it?
I want it.
I don't really NEED it, but I want it. It was cool.

No doubt the shirt fell victim to the Mommy Cleaning that all moms do in the middle of the night while you are sleeping so you can't be reminded that the pair of rain boots that are too small and hiding in the back of your closet are your all time favorites as she carried them to the Goodwill pile in the garage. But my backpack? Mom, you never could. It was too cool for that. It deserved more than that.

Is there a heaven for backpacks? Make sure it ends up on the cool side.


  1. Love it! My daughter does that with her things - I have a nad-me-down backpack with a cute bunny pic on it, done in Sharpie. She's 21, and doesn't draw on her possessions quite so often, so I'm glad I have the purple bunny backpack. :)

  2. I bought a pair of GAP jean overalls in college. I saved up for those things, too- and I wore them once. ONCE! And to this day, I have no idea what happened to them.

  3. I bet those flowers were perfectly drawn too. :)

  4. I have a mystery too!! I was 10 and I just got a brandnew bathing suit. It was dark blue with white polka dots and a white bathing suit material belt, that wrapped around into a bow in the front or the side, or whatever mood you were in to wear it. I loved the belt because I thought it completed my bathing suit and set me apart from all the other normal bathing suits wearers with NO belts. It was my suit for the new Summer.

    Like Susie, I wore this suit once. Yes, just ONCE! Whatever happened to you bathing suit? I suddenly want you back.

  5. I still have no recollection of what happened with my impressive loot of Rainbow Brite day, they were all gone, and I don't remember how, when, or where...

  6. WHERE ARE MY GARBAGE PAIL KIDS CARDS!? Do I REALLY want them now? No. But where did they go!?

  7. I wonder if my Velvet Doll with the growing hair is in the Bermuda Triangle with your backpack. I want her back!!!