Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Reason to Eat Cake!

aka: David's Birthday

Hubby's Birthday was yesterday and we kept things low key with the classic cake and pizza.

Actually, I should say that after Lucy and I took Nathan to school we blew through Starbucks and delivered breakfast in bed to David who took the morning off and got some much needed rest. Lucy insisted that the Starbucks Breakfast Sandwich have a candle in it so we sang him awake and we all had breakfast in bed.

When David went to work, Lucy and I made his cake. We had so much fun and I enjoyed showing her all the settings on the mixer. So much so, I set the mixer to high for the 4 minutes it was supposed to be just mixing on medium. All my eggs were whipped into a frenzy that no longer resembled cake mix. We'd used all the eggs, were running low on time so into the oven it went!

The outcome was...not awful. And, franky, it was still cake. With homemade buttercream icing. And that's all that matters, right? Even Ella reeeeeeaaaallly wanted some!

Happy Birthday to the man who changed my life for the better. To borrow the overused lyric from Juno, he's the cheese to my macaroni. Without him, I am just plain noodles.

AND....I should say that I looooove cake.
So so much.
And when I saw this, I laughed out loud and watched it again. Enjoy!


  1. yay for low key! yay for cake (we burned ours) ya for birthdays.

  2. No fruit cake for me ether. It is nasty. But I used to have candles on my lemon merinque pie when I was a teenager.

  3. There are no mistakes, just happy experiments. Like Ms. Frizzle says, "Get dirty." I love the pic of Lucy at the mixer. Happy Birthday to David.

  4. "fruit cake is just nasty crap"....hahahaha, that's awesome! Great video, thanks for sharing. Oh, and happy birthday to your hubs! :)

  5. oh my gosh. that was seriously THE funniest thing I've seen in a long time. I love it...

    You made me want to bake a cake. you made it sound so easy, and I've NEVER found it easy...

  6. Happy Belated B-day Mr. Zab! It sounds like it was a great birthday. I mean, you made a cake and brought him breakfast in bed! You are awesome! I LOVE the picture of David with the kids! Oh, and I noticed you found this on the cakewrecks blog. I found this blog about a week ago. Isn't it hysterical?

  7. Nothing beats a homemade birthday cake.


  8. Dad is greeaat, give us chocolate cake!

  9. "Muffins are just BALD cupcakes"-- this one had me going!! Thanks for the early morning laugh and Happy belated David. You're a lucky guy to have a wife blwo threw Starbucks for you :)

    Sigh. I wish I had a Starbucks to go drive through. Sniff. Sniff.