Thursday, August 07, 2008

There's a Party in Heaven!

Meeting the new neighbor, she said that Jesus was going to be coming back for her soon.
The neighbor asked, "For you?"
"No!" she replied, "for allllll of us!"

And now, she has officially joined the ranks.
Welcome to the Family of God, Sweet Lucy Goose.


  1. And if we are really lucky, Lucy, we get to meet him in the air!!! Defying satan and gravity at the same time! Pretty cool, Lucy and I will be giggling the entire trip up!
    Auntie Heidi

  2. Yay Lucy! Welcome to our party. It's a blast.

  3. She couldn't have been anymore welcoming to the new neighbor! Way to go Goose. It just amazes me that such small children can understand this glorious plan we are all awaiting!

  4. Welcome to the club Lucy. You're going to love it!!! And could you be any cuter?

  5. What a beautiful thing to read about, when I turned on my computer this morning... WONDERFUL!

  6. When John got home this morning, I showed him your "status update" and it brought tears to his eyes. It's just awesome!! As I said last night, the Angels are rejoicing!!! BTW, Lucy is just Beautiful! I can't believe how long and her hair is and all those curls!

  7. Oh Bethany I am rejoicing with you! There is no greater joy for a Christian mom then that of when her child accepts Jesus Christ into thier hearts. May Lucy's JOY for Jesus not ever be put out.

    Can I share Lexi's story with you?

    Alexis was a pill one day to the point that she brought me to tears. When she saw me crying she asked why I was crying and I told her that it hurt my heart deeply to see her constantly fighting with her sister and disobeying me. Alexis then began to cry too and said,

    "Mommy, I don't want an ugly heart any more, I want all the bad guys to go out of my heart and I want Jesus to give me a new heart".

    You could imagine my response that those words (MORE tears)!! I immediately spoke to her about Jesus washing away our sins and giving us a new heart. After some more talking, Alexis asked Jesus to come into her heart.

    P.S I think one or two unicorns still live in her heart two along with Jesus ;^).

  8. wonderful, so so so wonderful. She has a wonderful mommy who taught her all about how awesome our God is.


  9. this has made me so happy all day. I am rejoicing with you and my sweet lovely Lucy Goose!!

    Love you all!!

  10. yeah miss lucy. . .Jesus is Ecstatic and so am I :) love vanessa

  11. Best decision you will ever make. The angels are singing! Carol S.

  12. OH that is so have a childlike love for thing for any mommy.