Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ten on Tuesday...La La La La

I am thankful for the letter L...here are 10 reasons why (in no particular order)...

1. Lucy. Lucy. Lucy. Lucy. You are trouble. You just came inside soaking wet to tell me you were watering my flowers with water you got from the fish tank. But you also snuggle with me. You make me laugh and you want me to play tea party with you and you sing. Always sing.

2. Liz. She's my bosom friend and always will be. Stick us in a room with only each other and I promise we will be laughing within 5 minutes. She has also journeyed closest to me through one of the darkest times of my life and held my hand the whole time.

3. Lemon....Its my favorite Yogurt Mill yogurt flavor and is perfect when mass quantaties are squeezed into iced tea...

4. ...Lipton brewed fresh only thankyouverymuch

3. Back to 3. Lemon: When in juice form, it cleans all KINDS of stuff! Especially when you let your shower head soak in it. Amazing!

5. La, la, la, la! I looooooove to sing.

6. Love. Speak the Truth in...Live your life in...And the greatest of these is...
I will leave the very eloquent dc talk to say it for me. :)

7. L-Series Lenses...ohhhhhhhh yeaaahhhhh baby. That little red line around the end? Hottest thing I have ever seen.

8. Little...I love things that are little. Know the extra tiny boxes of things like laundry soap and crackers you find in 7-11? Ohh I want them all. Once, on a road trip, I paid full price for a box of Cheez-its that was about 1/3 the normal size. It was so cute. It held about 20 Cheez-its.

9. Lines on the freeway...it keeps me where I am supposed to be.

10. Ladies...as in my ladies. The ones I roll with for things like Denny's, yogurt, movies and all kinds of adventures. Love you girls!!

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  1. Hi. My name is Susie and I love L-Series Lenses, too.

  2. Love your List. It is Lovely, on the Level :)

  3. This is a really good list, and I agree.
    All of it.

  4. Little things are so cute! Like those little tiny plastic boxes at The Container Store.

    I always want to buy them all....but.....then I stop and think.....hmmm what am I going to put in them? Oh wait, I know! One box for every tooth Alexis looses. Then for Sophia. Then for baby Cook! But wait a second.....ah man! That will be a lot of tiny boxes and then where will I put all of those?!

  5. great list. You always do a good job with sticking to your letter .I wanted to join 10 on tuesday but and tried with h, I think but couldn't get past about 3 things. Have you ever used lemon juice to clean hard water stains on the shower? I heard it works great.

  6. On our last trip I had to save the tiny ketchup bottle, to use as vases when 2nd graders bring me flowers. Much to Bill's chagrin, the waiter brought me another one.
    Carol S.