Sunday, August 24, 2008

Distracted By the Lemony Goodness

I was in bed on time. WAS.
But then I saw Part One of a Two Part "Different World" where Whitley is getting married to that stuffy serious man but Dwayne Wayne shows up and realizes how much HE loves her. Sigh. I sat there. I knew I should turn off the TV and go to sleep. I made a promise to myself to be responsible. After all, this was just Part One ending. I was going to get the "To Be Continued" message any minute. Wait, what was this? PART TWO! Coming on RIGHT NOW?! Woo Hoo!

But I knew that 25 of the 30 minutes would be filled with indecision. Whitley would cry to her Mama, Dwayne would flip his flip up glasses a few times and mope about. So I had time to kill, a new biiiig bottle of lemon juice in the fridge, and a dirty shower door to tackle. (Love the lemony goodness of cleaning with lemon juice!!)

I scrubbed, I rinsed, I cleaned.
I missed it.
When I came out of my bathroom, the credits were rolling and now I sit listening to Dwayne and Whitley talk about their honeymoon.

Tomorrow-er, this morning-when I am most likely late for Worship team rehearsal, I am not so sure that the band is gonna be on board with my reasons for oversleeping my alarm.


  1. Um, does not your household have a DVR of some sort?? They come in handy for occasions such as this. :) At least your shower is clean!

  2. I know you don't want to hear about what's grosser than gross, so put your coffee down and come back later.

    I warned you.

    Okay, are you ready??

    Andy was making sangia two weeks ago and got out the "new" bottle of lemon juice. According to the shelf life date, It had expired in 2004. Yes, you read that, two moves ago. So he opened it up and checked it out in the sink to see if it could you know, go into our alcoholic stew and it came out BROWN and gunky - it was seriously, grosser than GROSS!

    Lemon Juice does in fact need to be used by it's expiration date.

    And that is my lemon juice story, and no Dwayne Wayne funniness to go along with it.


  3. oooooh. Lemon juice on the shower door. That is probably the one thing I haven't tried. What a great idea!

  4. opps.I meant to put that here.

    I like the idea of cleaning with lemon juice but I am wondering if I can try it on my shower b/c I have travertine in the bathroom and travertine is infamous for staining when touched by acidic things such as lemon juice. Though I can't believe that using a crazy powerful cleaner like lime-a - way could be much better for it than lemon juice. This is why my shower door still isn't clean. I can't decide what is the best way to clean it.

  5. I have been enjoying the Family Matters re runs and catch myself in your same "gotta go to bed dilemma"

    Love ya

  6. So, you are telling me that lemon juice cleans water deposits and soap scum off of a glass shower door????? I never knew that.

  7. Bethany and her shows (hee-hee). I love you, you always make me smile.

  8. Bethany and her shows (hee-hee). I love you, you always make me smile.

  9. Bethany and her shows (hee-hee). I love you, you always make me smile.