Thursday, May 24, 2007

95 Degrees With a Chance of Snow

Dear Weather,

WHAT are you trying to DO to me?

Monday, I thought to myself, "Hey, it's May, I can dress the kids in shorts, summer dresses and sandals." Four hours later I found myself in front of Price Club in 60-something degree winds with a sobbing 4 year old who was VERY upset that I did NOT have a jacket for him. He didn't want to walk to the car because it would make him cold. He didn't want to stand still because it would make him cold. And the only thing in my cart for the upset child to huddle up with was two gallons of milk and 5 pounds of cheese.

Tuesday, with the warehouse store calamity fresh on my mind and the stares of strangers still penetrating the back of my skull, I dressed my temperature sensitive child for school. Short sleeved shirt, yes. But also: long pants. And shoes. And socks. Well, thanks a FREAKING LOT weather, you decided to warm up! So when I picked up my son who is just trying to survive Lunch Bunch at preschool, his cheeks were BLAZING red from the heat and he was NOT happy that I didn't let him wear his shorts.

Now on Wednesday, I looked outside: The ground was wet. It was even still raining a little bit. Ah-ha! I will NOT be foiled by you again, Weather! Short sleeves. Long pants. Flip Flops. Oh yeah, just TRY to pull one over on me THIS time. Yeah. I gotcha good.......Real good........Yup........Uh huh. Wait a minute, Nathan's coming inside from riding his bike. He is on FIRE! His head is a damp mess of sweat and sunscreen. He is begging me for some water.


Ok then, I am waving the while flag. I will not only dress my children in short sleeved shirts and sundresses but I will also keep parkas and jeans on hand for when you decide to change you mind again.

Humbly Yours,

PS: Are you doing this because I have not been faithful in posting every day like I promised?

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