Sunday, May 06, 2007

Don't Tell Me Who Won The Amazing Race...I Am Not Home Yet!!

I have been in Reno, Nevada this weekend visiting friends who moved there last year. And then while we were there, other friends came and visited too!

It was a lot of fun and I love being on a trip with small children.

You know the funny thing about reading the written word is that you can't always detect the strong and heavy sarcastic tones the writer may be inferring in the sentence she just typed.

No, I am kidding. Well, half kidding. I am kidding when I am talking about the fun we had at Lake Tahoe this evening climbing on rocks and seeing Nate jump from rock to rock just like his daddy without any fear. And I am kidding when I am watching David ride a bike with Lucy in his lap and she is calling out, "I'm doing it Mommy! I'm doing it!"

However, I am NOT kidding when at 5:45am your 4 year old wanders into the room you are sleeping in and wakes you up. And then, as you talk to him (while he is NOT whispering) you find out that before he stumbled into your room, he went straight for the OTHER guest room. The one you stayed in last time you were in town. The one your friends, who arrived at 3am were sleeping in. "Don't worry Mommy, Carol told me what room you were in."

Nothing beats starting your day with a 4 year old that is not your own staring at you until you open your eyes.

Overall, it has been so much fun and relaxing (I was actually in a home and alone for, like 30 minutes) and I rode a bike for the first time since Jr. High and didn't fall off and I had a restaurant take-out smorgasbord for dinner and I sent a few questionable e-mails after too much of Scott's Lemonade and I taught my son to hang upside down on the monkey bars and I drank in the joy of Lucy reflected in the eyes of the friends I love and I snuggled on the couch with my hubby instead of sitting at my laptop and I didn't stress out that we were annoying our friends and I didn't yell as much as I usually do AND I got to see my son WRITE HIS NAME. AND mine. AND Lucy's. AND Lexi's.

Tomorrow we drive home but not after we visit the UPS Distribution Center that has our Credit an effort to be helpful, before the trip I gassed up the car and tucked the card I used for payment in the back pocket of my jeans while standing at the pump.

3 hours into the road trip, we discovered the card was still there.
And my jeans were in a puddle on the floor next to my bed…in Poway.

We called the company and they UPS’d a card to us right away. To the address I gave them where I inadvertently transposed the numbers of our friends’ address and the package was undeliverable. And we can’t really get home without the card.

I am the most helpful wife ever!
(Did you detect the sarcasm there? It was probably a little more obvious this time.)

I am tired.
So tired that I laid down in bed tonight with my sunglasses still on my head.
So tired that I discovered that I wore my underwear inside out all day.
So tired that I went to bed and forgot to blog today.

But tired like this, the tired that comes from being so happy and busy is the best kind of tired. And it brings the best kind of sleep….

…even if you are awoken at 5:45am the next morning by a 4 year old staring at you.

Here is your poem of the day…circa 1992. I am a fan of poems in couplet form. They are always successful in poetry but also leave you the room to convey a thought in a more simple structure. (Listen to me! Don’t I sound impressive?!) And, when all else fails, it provides for some very creative rhymes.
Dream of Your Kiss
by Bethany Shumate

Sometimes, when you talk to me,
I wonder what you really see.

Do you see me as a friend?
Just some girl-there till the end?

Or do you see beauty and grace?
Do you ever notice my pretty face?

See, you know we’ve been friends for awhile.
We do more than just say hi and smile.

All I have to do is give you a call,
You’ll pick me up when I start to fall.

I support you with all my heart.
Knowing, as friends, we’ll never part.

What more could I ask, I’m your good pal!
It would mean more to me if I was your gal.

Maybe someday I can tell you all this,
But for the moment, I’ll just dream of your kiss.

Bloggers Post Script: I am blogging to John Cusack in "Say Anything..." and while it is not the movie that caused me to fall in love with John Cusack, it certainly cements the fact that John Cusack should be my boyfriend.

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  1. I have been keeping up with your blogs. I just haven't had a chance to leave you comments. I'm sorry because I DO understand how much they mean to the writter when she recieves them.

    I loved reading about your Amazing trip and about all the fun things you did. Yes, exhaustion that comes from a fun filled day is the best kind of tired because the most peaceful rest will come from it. What a wonderful weekend you had! And by the way Alexis also likes writting Nate's name (hee-hee) how cute are they!

    I have enjoyed reading your poems: they are beautiful. You are such an amazing writter and have been gifted with an incredible talent.

    I also wrote a lot of poetry in Jr. High and Highschool. They followed no rules though. No guidlines but my own. They were simply thoughts that would get poured out onto paper. But my poems were dark and difficult for the averge person to dicipher or understand. Poetry was one of my outlets during a very difficult time in my life and help me survive my worst days. You see when one doesn't have God in thier life one needs to create their own antidote to soothe their pain.

    I don't have thses poems anymore but I do remember a few lines. I destroyed my book of poetry when I met my Savior because I was given a new song in my heart =^).