Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Definition of Me, According to My 11th Grade Self (In Poetic Form)

More of the fun from 11th grade...this one is a direct result of the eecummings poetry study we had just completed.

I Like, I Don't, I Am
by Bethany Shumate, Grade 11
I like poetry-when I can understand it.
I like writing it.
I am pretty good.
I like doing things
I am good at.
(My name is Bethany Jordan Shumate.)
I like singing.
When I was little,
I would sing
in my backyard.
Hoping that someone would hear me
and I would become
a famous singer.

(People call me Beth.)

I like to dance.
I am not very good.
When I took ballet,
it didn't last very long.
I wasn't in a recital.
That's okay.
I still like to dance.
(Marc calls me a Champion.)

I don't like to be made fun of,
or talked about.
But I am pretty good at it.
"Your momma's so fat..."
I know I shouldn't do it,
(especially if I don't like it,)
but I do.
(Leah calls me Beepers.)

I am a janitor.
I like to say "custodian"-
it sounds less dirty.
I like my job.
I don't like being ashamed
of my job...
but I am sometimes.
(My dad calls me Bink.)

I am a Christian.
I have been for eight years.
I am not ashamed,
or embarassed.
But I used to be.
(My name is Bethany Jordan Shumate.)

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