Wednesday, May 09, 2007

He's Got the Whole World in His Hands

I was talking with a friend of mine and she was saying how she is tired of whining and complaining about the things going on in her life. (And she has every right to whine and complain, if you ask me.) And it made me think about how sometimes we get so caught up in our daily lives, we need to step outside of ourselves and look at the world around us. The big picture.

Today is an amazing and special day in the lives of two of my friends. For today, is Gotcha Day for them. After years of waiting, months and months of planning, miles of flying and even more days of waiting, my friends Russell and Lisa Holcomb have added Jenna to their family.

They flew to China, with Grandma Bonnie in tow and now, all of us here in the states wait in eager anticipation to see the picture of this family of two becoming a family of three.

I have never known hearts like those of Lisa and Russell. They are dedicated friends, seek the Lord and His guidance in all situations and are very happy people. I have the privilege to sing with Russell on the Worship Team and every Monday we laugh and laugh and laugh and suddenly the day's cares and woes disappear by the end of rehearsal. Lisa and her heart are so dear to me: I was in a Bible study with her once that required us to all be quite candid with each other and I remember sitting there amazed as she shared things close to her heart as well as demonstrated an amazing knowledge of the Bible and the Heart of God.

Now these hearts that the Lord has been preparing for the 10+ years of their marriage are now stretching to accommodate sweet Jenna. When they began telling their friends about their plans to adopt, we all loved Jenna already-even though she hadn't even been born! We all knew that God was going to be making this adored child extra special for our friends.

So when you read this, pray for Gotcha Day. Thank God that the day is here and pray that Lisa and Russell will remember every moment, every second, every wrinkle of a smile and every bend of a dimpled knee. She is coming home to a giant family of people who love her more than most babies ever get to experience.

The world outside our own problems, frustrations of the day and tiresome situations is filled with hope today. Can you hear the growth of a family miles and miles away from here? I do. And it makes me smile.

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