Thursday, November 15, 2007

Deaaaaaaad Meeen Teeeeeelll Noooooo Taaaaaales

Michelle: You didn’t dump your grandmother’s ashes on Pirates of Caribbean when you were there last week, did you?

Me: No-ha!

Michelle: I could just imagine you…

Me: With a Ziploc bag with a hole in the corner trailing along the outside of the boat I’m riding in?

Michelle: I think I want to be buried in a flower pot next to the Teacups because I like the music.

Me: I love how Disneyland said that this isn't a problem that they deal with but you so know it is. Some guy waits for the very last run of the Matterhorn of the night, sits in the back and next thing you know, a fine dust is falling all over the park.

Michelle: Oh totally.

Me: Well, I didn’t do it this time. But when I heard the news story last night, I turned to David and said, “Indiana Jones.”


  1. I so have to hang out with you some time. Girl, you are my kind of crazy.

  2. All I could say is start sprinkling out of the ziplock bag from the top of Space Mountain and at the end of the ride the ziplock bag better be empty ; ^).

  3. why Indiana Jones????...Kristen

  4. I totally want to be sprinkled in Pirates of the Caribbean... make a note of that. :)

  5. I think that is a fab idea..I would like to have my ashes scattered at a local starbucks..Kristen