Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Candy Round Up

Well, we canvased the neighborhood and the facts are as follows...

-We hit more houses this year than ever before. Longer legs and the high fructose corn syrup siren's song seemed to motivate the walking despite the lack of naps.

-Storm Troopers do NOT wear tennis shoes. They prefer brown flip flops.

-The Baby Ruth is completely absent from the candy haul this year. I am severely disappointed.

-A black cat missing her headband ears is still cute with eyeliner drawn whiskers.

-When you are cute and have curly hair and are wearing an Alice in Wonderland costume, people will give you more candy than your Storm Trooper escort. Honest. I saw it happen at almost every house. (World, Lucy DOES NOT need more candy. I know she's cute. I know she has freckles abundant and that she smiles at you in a way that makes life worth living but if you keep giving her sugar, I will send her to live with YOU.)

-But somehow the Storm Trooper pulled in a full sized candy bar and Alice only had, well, twice as much candy.

-Following the lead of some lawmakers, the child with the most candy will be more heavily taxed than the one with the least.


  1. No Baby ruths huh? Perhaps if your candy minions brought in some banana laffy taffy... we could work out a trade.

    Paige always got the larger of the candy haul..until Tanner came along.. I think he still generally garners more on average, yet it was close when Garrett was mini-chewbaca when he was 2.

  2. whoa. those are some major cute kids! but yeah, no wonder the middle child got more candy. however....keep an eye on that younger one, she may haul in more that her sister in a few years. :)

  3. They all look so cute. Sorry we missed out this year. It's always so fun to watch them Trick-or-Treat.

  4. Gosh if they aren't the cutest blonde trio ever!


    Make more.

    Put it up for adoption and LET ME HAVE IT!

  5. Suz-We totally misse dyou guys this year too. Maybe next year. It's a nice tradition. :)