Sunday, November 02, 2008

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

Lest you think I am NaBloPoMo-ing alone, I thought I'd encourage you to visit my fellow bloggers-and good friends-who are also NaBloPoMo-ing. (It kinda makes me giggle every time I type it.)

So visit my blogging friends...leave a comment...become a regular reader! Because I love my friends and I think you will too.

In no particular order...


  1. Apparently you didn't read my post last night....

  2. I'm ever so blessed to be counted among your friends! :)

  3. I LOVED the Wonder Years!!! I always wanted so badly to be Winnie. (I'm assuming since you used that song line as your post title that we're totally on the same page here.) Why don't we have TV shows like that any more? And, for the record, I believe it was YOU who originally roped my into being a NaBloPoMo-ist two years ago. NaBloPoMo-ist who is NaBloPoMo-ing. There are lots of fun verbs and nouns and such that we can make with that term.