Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ring, Ring

If you talked to me on the phone today, here are the things I'd tell you...

I got to hold a piglet today! I real live baby pig! It has a bum leg and is being nursed back to health by Nick's sister Victorria. He was wiggly, loud and preferred wrestling with Coco, the Chihuahua.

Ella didn't see me for a good chunk of the day today. She was with Daddy in the morning while I got some extra sleep. Then we went to church and Daddy had her for band rehearsal. Then I fed her a jar of food and she was off with Gwen, her Sunday Morning Buddy and then back with Daddy to head home. By the time I got home after church, she was standing up in David's lap hollering and looking around frantically for me. While it was distressing to hear, it kind of felt good. We had a nice long snuggle in The Big Red Chair.

The hubby is on the couch watching his Sunday night show-Storm Chasers on Discovery Channel. He watches it weekly with great interest even though its on late.....and it almost always makes him run late on Monday mornings. But man, it is exciting. Although the guy who just cleaned himself with the squeegee was, um, not so exciting.

You can tell it's a week of vacation when the kids don't get dinner till nine and in bed till 9:30. Please please thank me by sleeping in!!

Reality TV Shows I am currently obsessed with (excluding the best of all shows, The Amazing Race): Real Housewives of Atlanta, Top Chef, Run's House and Rob and Big. Am I alone here??

The High and Low of picking up my prescriptions at CVS today.....

Low: One of my prescriptions was $86 instead of $16! Uhhhhh, CVS? if I give you that money, I won't be able to buy necessities for my family or $86 worth of crap that I don't need at the Target Dollar Spot.

High: The 2 twelve year old boys each holding giant packs of toilet paper trying to make it look completely natural that they had 24 rolls of 1-ply and were paying in crumpled up singles and quarters. (Note to boys: 2 ply really is worth the extra money. Especially when you toss a roll up into a tree.)

Pulled the Uggs out today. Actually, I had to hunt them down. Because when I am not wearing them, my son is! Do you think Uggs makes them in a boy's size 1?

Good Night.

PS: I can't take credit for this find-that honor belings to Cyndi and The Hutch. But man, this is one of the coolest things I have ever seen....


  1. I hope you got to sleep in...hey, don't feel bad--we have mac and cheese for dinner often, or hot dogs and beans. It's inexpensive and EASY.

  2. not a bad post. not as bad as you said it was (not that i think it is 'bad', i'm just sayin', that's all). :) i like the video. it was, ah, um, interesting. i will have to send it to my brother, he'll get a kick out of it.

  3. The Storm Chasers fascinate me! I like pretend conversations with you :)