Thursday, November 06, 2008


When you have a baby girl and she wears dresses, you get cute little covers-called "fanny pants" in our house-that cover her diaper when she's crawling around or kicking her brother in the head just because he exists.

However, as your baby girl becomes a big girl and she continues kicking her brother in the head just because he exists, her dresses don't come with diaper covers any longer. So you put on shorts and hope that no one can tell that they are from said brother's 3 piece pajama set.

Here's my question: Now that the winter months are upon us and we are sliding on our pairs of totally adorable striped tights under dresses and skirts, do we still need the shorts? They seem redundant since the striped tights cover the fanny in question.

We do like the tights-they show off the great calf muscles we've built up from repeatedly kicking our brother just because he exists.


  1. No, you don't need shorts and tights. That would take away all of the cuteness of the tights. And as you said, the tights are covering the fanny, so you're good. :-)

  2. i say the tights are sufficient, but kicks to the head could cause damage.

  3. If the tights are sheer, you still need the shorts. If the tights are opaque, or knit, or aren't tights, but indeed leggings, then you do not need shorts. We have had the same dilemma.

    Yay for tough girlie girls!

  4. I agree with Angela, I know that is the dilema. This year I found some tight like knee socks that go over Lilly's knees because she hates being hot! So we will be wearing knee high tights and shorts this season!

  5. I too agree with the ever wise Angela. Heck we STILL do that with Paige.. but then again miss pint size 50lbs soaking wet spends her lunch recess playing with boys twice her size.

  6. If you have a daughter that likes to take off said cutie stripey tights-then, yes, put something over those things to keep them on. Me too- speaking from experience...