Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Zuh, Zuh, Zuh

I am a day behind with my Thankfulness list but if you really know me then you know that late is how I roll.

I am lucky to have no problem coming up with my list of Z's. In fact, consider this post a small introduction to the people I know and love...since many of them are the letter Z!

(in no particular order...really Well, maybe a teeeeny bit but only the first part. )

10. Zabrosky, David-He's the whole reason I get to write a Z in my name. He is my sweet hubby who loves me no matter what and who is so so so hot! (Really.) He says hilarious things and has such an intense love for his children that it blows my mind. He is a man of God and the leader of our household and I can't imagine trusting anyone more. Plus, he's hot!

9. Zabrosky, Nathan-He wrote his own book yesterday and it had great pictures and funny jokes. He is growing about an inch a week and I love it when he tries to convince me of things like how his mouth hurts and it is okay for me to take him out of school so he can go to the dentist. Because school doesn't really matter.

8. Zabrosky, Nicholas-I didn't know I could love a child so much who I didn't carry around for 9 months. He taught me so much at his young age and I pray that he will always feel like he has a place in our home-no matter where he lives. Plus he is possibly the funniest kid I know. That's right, I said it. And for bonus points: He will hug anyone who asks for it. And it will possibly be the best hug you ever receive.

7. Zabrosky, Lucy Joy-You wear dresses. You play tea parties. You give hugs and hand kisses when we cross the street together. You play dress up with your friend Lindsay and you watch musicals with me over and over and over. You really are the best. Even when you aren't.

6. Zabrosky, Ella Anne-My baby who started patting me and calling me "mama, mama" this week. She has brought hope to people she barely knows but when they look at her they can't help themselves-they are glimpsing the beautiful work of God the Father. Even the kind Scottish priest at the doctor's office couldn't stop himself from reaching out and giving her a blessing. And she is so hilarious when she plays with that kid in the number 9 spot.

5. Zabrosky, Elizabeth-My niece. I haven't met her yet but I love her so much! She is so smiley in the pictures we receive and I know that she is going to be a wonderful woman since she is being raised by two of the most wonderful people ever. Which leads me to....

4. Zabrosky, half of that awesome parent duo! Aunt Zunah! She was over at our house the day I found out I was pregnant with Lucy and it was so cool to have her share that with us. And when Nick first came to us, she was there almost every day helping me adjust to the suddenness of having 3 kids under the age of 4 in my home. She loves God. She loves her Man. And she loves her family. And I love her.

3. Zabrosky, Jonathan, Gabriel-The older of the younger brothers. I hear the most hilarious stories and escapades from David that these 3 used to get into. Stories like starting up big bulldozers on jobsites near their home, taking bamboo and making slides out of them, and general sneaking around and getting in trouble games. Best way for boys to grow up.

2. Zabrosky, Klaus-The youngest brother who, for awhile, was such a mini David, I glimpsed what it might be like if we had a son. We had him spend the night sometimes, took him to Sea World and other places. He was a funny kid who wanted to be just like David. Now he is a young man and when David and I think about his actual age, we wonder what happened to the last 10 years?

1. Zabrosky, Mom and Dad-they built a family together and raised the young man who is now my amazing husband. They didn't shoot down the 23 and 19 year olds who came to them with the "great idea" of getting married at such a young age and instead offered guidance and advice to them. And they love their grandkids. Which is apparent after spending time with either of them. I love you guys.

I am lucky to get to have the letter "Z" in my name. But I am even more blessed to that these last 10 as a part of my family.

The Thankfulness ABC's is starting back up again! Join my friends every Tuesday and remind yourself-and the world-that there is much to be thankful for! Head over to Beyond Black and White to see the other Z lists!


  1. I love it, but am still thinking you got off easy on this one. :>)

  2. i love this! did you just commit to this knowing that you would have the coolest Z list ever???

  3. What a special family list you shared with all of us. Family whatever letter is truly something to be thankful for.