Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Little Pink in the Eyes

Pink has always been her favorite color.......until today.

We have pink eye. Every girl in my house has it in both eyes. And while it is a major inconvenience for Ella and me, it was more upsetting to Lucy when she found out that it meant she couldn't go to her friend's birthday party today. We have been talking about the party all week, the present Lucy picked out herself has been sitting in our hallway and one night after bedtime, Lucy actually snuck out of her room so she could just look at it.

So now, instead of going to church and a birthday party, my day will be cheering up my daughter by watching (those weird and oddly animated and creepy) Barbie Movies.

Have you seen them? There is a sweetness to them and they always are promoting the whole "look inside yourself for your true beauty and goodness" message but include some sort of a villain who has an extra creepy animal sidekick. And....Kelsey Grammer! (Why is he in all of these?)

Before I go, I don't want to leave you with only a sad story of pink eyes and children's entertainment gone weird. Instead, I give you:



  1. Oh, I love the puppies! You've seen Knocked Up, right? Did someone fart on someone else's pillow? David? :)

  2. Poor sweet Lucy. I hope everyone's eyes are in non pink very soon.

  3. You were all missed today (but THANK YOU for not sharing pink hard to get rid of for us!). Anyways, Lucy was missed and it's so sweet (and so sad!) how excited she was for the party and to give Natasha her present.
    I think we have ALL of the Barbie movies...I actually love them...I never thought I'd buy them until one of the other school moms told me that they actually were pretty good and sweet. I never know Kelsey Grammer was in them..really? We just got the new Barbie's Christmas Carol....because I'm a sucker for Christmas anything for my's cute.

  4. there are some pretty freak-y dogs in barbie diamond castle...
    there's a diamond castle in my mind, and some day soon, we're gonna find it!!! We're gonna find it!!!
    also, norah goes around the house singing, connected... connected...

  5. How sad for Lucy! pink eye is so lame because you're not really sick but have to stay home!

  6. I thought you might be there yesterday and I was looking forward to seeing you, so now I'm bumbed for you and for me.:/