Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Think I'd Just Choke on the Bones

Nathan is spending the night at my mom's house so it's Daddy and The Girl's night tonight. We were eating dinner at the table that we also shared with Lucy's class pets that have come home with us this week: Bert and Flapper, the parakeets. (Pair a what?)

David was asking Lucy some of the specifics of caring for Bert and Flapper, including, "Do we cook them and eat them?"

Lucy replied with a giggle, "No Daddy!"

"Are you sure?"

And with a very serious face, Lucy communicated, "On the instruction sheet it says:

Step One: Give them water every day.
Step Two: Give them food every day.
Step Three: Do not eat them."

David thanked her for being specific.
I thanked God that I didn't have bean burrito come out my nose.

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