Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Might Be the Only One Who Watches This Show

Tomorrow, I am planning to meet some girlfriends for breakfast.
We will be consuming delicious bacon. I am looking forward to it terribly.

I am exhausted and ready for bed-but fulfilling my blogging obligations-save the fact that i just finished watching "Fringe" on DVR and now I find that my mind is filled with the idea of parasites that might wrap themselves around my beating heart.

Ohh that's icky.

Know what's not icky?
Joshua Jackson being witty and charming and doing something heroic to save my life.
Oh Pacey, I've got it bad for your sarcasm and wry smile.

Of course, with my luck, I will just dream about bacon. No, not Bacon. The breakfast kind.
Might not be so bad either way.


  1. So? Do you like Fringe? I really like it. We think the main girl looks like an adult version of my niece Clara.