Saturday, November 15, 2008

Or I.A.W.t.B.W.B.a.O.M.G.I.a.s.T.a.I.i.t.E.o.N.Y. For Short

I think I have one every year.

The "I Almost Went to Bed Without Blogging and Oh My Gosh I am so Tired and Is it the End of November Yet?" Blog.

That's what today is.
Good Night.


  1. that was way better than mine earlier last week when I did a whole post about 'nothing' (and it wasn't even as funny as a Seinfeld episode).

  2. You get points for this. You really do.

    By far, the most amusing non-post this month.

  3. Cheater post!

    But really, is it the end of the month yet?