Monday, November 24, 2008

Love at First Squish

So one of my sweet friends had a baby on Tuesday the 11th and due to a series of illnesses and pink eye (yuck!) I had to wait to meet her today. She is so lovely and wonderful and squishy. I love the squish of a newborn baby.

Her head is full of black hair and she made that "ooo" shape with her lips as she looked up at me. I think she knew who I was.

Here is the part where you would look at the picture to the left of this text except there isn't any picture. When I got home from squishing the squishy baby, I found David running a full scan of the computer. Poor computer won't have any secrets after this scan is through. And Miss Squishy's beautiful pictures are on that computer. I promise to add them to this post tomorrow.

Now, this squishy baby has a special story to go along with her already wonderful addition to this world. Her mother told me tonight, "I have become 'That Mom' who all my friends tell their friends about." And it is true.

Miss Squishy was measuring kinda on the big side and she was hanging out in the wrong direction so a c-section was scheduled. We all waited by our phones for the text and picture to deliver the details. We expected 10 pounds.

We got 11.
11.2, actually.
That, as my husband put it, is a LOT of baby.
You are totally thinking of someone to tell about this, aren't you?

When I held her tonight, she felt familiar to me. She smelled just right. Because when babies are born to people you love, that love is immediately attached to those children. And there was definitely enough love for this sweet wonderful baby girl.

She was worth the wait.

The tiny bundle by her side stirred a little, and though it was scarcely more than the ruffling of a feather, she awoke; for the mother-ear is so close to the heart that it can hear the faintest whisper of a child.
Kate Douglas Wiggin


  1. When Heather from MVCC had her daughter and she weighed 11.5 my mom called me with the news. I was teaching my drama class and my mouth flopped open and I was SURE I had heard wrong. I made her repeat. Same number.

  2. I am so glad you got to finally meet the baby. Cant wait to see more pics

  3. even without your beautiful photos, this was such a truly lovely post!

  4. can't wait to see the pic of the big squishy baby! :)

  5. I LOVE HER and all her squishiness!

  6. I just caught up on all of your blogs. This one is my favorite. I adore that picture of Tori. You really captured her! I just saw her on Wed. and she is darling. And squishy.

  7. Still got her beat... Matthew was 11.5

  8. Awww, that's my baby!! I love this blog and thank you for loving on her the day you came over to visit us, I loved our time together = )!! The squishy baby now weighs 12.8 lbs now!!

  9. I just had to come back and re-read my favorite blog...of course = ) .

    You need to do a follow up blog on her because she is now even MORE squishy ; ) !!!

    Love you B and so sorry for the blog reading neglect. My life has been busy....very busy. But things are kinda starting to become "normal" again. Evenings are still super duper busy though. Victoria sleeps through the night so that IS a huuuuge plus. Before anything I would read would rock me to sleep.

    I will try to come around more often again.