Tuesday, November 08, 2011

5 Fess Ups......

Confession......and Apology: I keep forgetting to buy deodorant. But instead of risking an offensive odor, I have been using David's Travel Deodorant. Which means walking around smelling like a dude all day. I apologize to anyone I may have hugged recently and thereby causing their nose some sort of confusion in the process.

Confession: I miss Law and Order. I miss Lenny Briscoe.

Confession: I put the kids to bed early today because I am feeling just a little cranky.

Confession: Sometimes when I feel a little cranky like this, I play a lot of Tetris on the computer.

Confession.....and a Query: I am a little cranky because of a couple of long-ish nights spent with a 3 year old coughing cougher and while I love snuggling her on the couch while sitting upright so her throat won't become irritated and cause her to cough, I wonder what other natural remedies (other than a little spoonful of honey) you smart people may have for coughs??


  1. I've NEVER put the kids to bed early due to my mood and absence of my hubs!!! *wink*

    as for the cough.....have you tried a vaporizer (or is it a humidifier?)??? when Caleb or Isabel get a cough it usually turns into croup, so we bust out the humidifier (vaporizer?). It helps moisten airways. I think. or something like that. it certainly can't hurt!

  2. I have a recipe for natural cough medicine....I'll go look it up for you. We also do Vicks on the feet, with socks on over it. Although, now I can't remember if that's for a cough or congestion....either way, it ought to help!!?? And I put my kids to bed early last night too, and was secretly glad that it gets dark earlier and they can't really tell time, so non of them had any idea they were getting hoodwinked. :D