Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sing it Loud.

I wanted to share more media with you regarding the Persecuted Church but this time I wanted you to get the introduction I got this Sunday from our pastor, Tony Silvestri.

Here is the Sunday Message I was blessed to hear.
There is an audio version or you can watch the video which is the entire service including music. (Please remember that we are not professional singers but our musicians are a-freakin-mazing.) The Privilege and Responsibility of Community

VGCC Sunday Morning Worship - 11.13.2011 from VGCC on Vimeo.

I found it really interesting to be at church on this specific week after an entire month of missing services. I don't think I have ever missed to much church before-even after having a baby! I found myself so happy to be back, worshiping with my church family and spending time with God in His house. I had no idea what the sermon would be about that morning.

As the morning went on and I further grasped the severity of what was going on in the world around me, I found that I was almost ashamed that I wasn't MORE thankful to be sitting there under no threat of persecution or physical harm to myself.

If you watch the video, you will see our church called to immediate action by Pastor Tony as he invites only those who plan to commit to prayer to come up and get a bracelet that will remind them to pray. It was moving to see people carefully consider that commitment and then approach, paying a dollar or two to cover the bracelet's expense and then walking back to their seat. I was already emotional enough for about 3 pregnant women but then I saw my son, who had been helping David in the sound room during the sermon, walking forward and getting a bracelet.

I worked hard to pull myself together since the band and I were on the stage about to sing another song and I turned to one of the other singers and said, "How are we supposed to sing after this?"

She paused and said, "LOUD."


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