Wednesday, November 09, 2011

It's Not All a Rerun...More Like a Clip Show...With a Field Trip!

Today's Confession: Sometimes the pregnancy brain thing works in my favor.

Totally forgot that we bought new pillows today. King sized ones to actually fit inside my king sized pillow cases.

No more will I slumber on a pillow case that has extra fabric flapping in the breeze! Pillows! I am so excited to go to bed now!

Thinking of the word "pillow" makes me think of a duck. A very specific and special duck. A duck you can read about here at my friend Carol's spot: A Giant Spoonful of Laughter

You can see what my face looks like when Carol surprises me with the duck (as she once did at my first Baby front of aboout 60 people) right here: If it Quacks Like a Duck

And now that I sit here thinking about it, I know that I still have the duck.....but where is it?

Follow Up Confession: Perhaps the pregnancy brain isn't as great as originally thought.

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